Microelectronics Commons (The Commons) is focused on accelerating domestic prototyping and growing a pipeline of U.S. based semiconductor talent. As one of eight Hubs, the MMEC provides access for our members to opportunities available through the The Commons program. Businesses, academic institutions, government and stakeholders that are interested in contributing in support of the Microelectronics Commons program must be a member of the MMEC. Click here to complete a Membership Application. The first Call for Project (CFP) is currently open. Topic and project calls will be release two times per year.



In response to the The Commons Call for Projects (CFP), we are asking members to submit project abstracts which the MMEC team will review and down-select for full proposal development project submittal to the government. Submitted abstracts may or may not be the best fit for the current CFP but we will review all submittals to determine which have the best chance of being chosen for project development based on evaluation criteria. If your abstract does not get submitted to the government it does not mean it is not a good idea, it just means that other abstracts have a higher chance of being funded. All abstracts will be kept for possible submission to the next round of topic submissions or CFP. Submit a project abstract by filling out the web form below.

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As a MMEC member it is required that a, Mutual Nondisclosure Agreement (MNDA) MNDA between the MMEC and your organization and all project performers is in place BEFORE a project can be submitted to the government. The MMEC MNDA is available for download provided in the “DOWNLOAD MNDA” link below. Please review, sign the MNDA and upload to the link “UPLOAD NDA”.