Microelectronics Commons Call for Topics (CFT)

The Microelectronics Commons has released the annual first Call for Topics (CFT)! Topic submissions must align with any of the six technical areas critical to the DoD: Secure Edge Computing/Internet of Things, 5G/6G Technology, Artificial Intelligence Hardware, Quantum Technology, Electromagnetic Warfare, and Commercial Leap Ahead. Join us for a Member Meeting review the CFT and formulate your ideas!

We will host a member meeting on June 26th at 11am EST (8am PST) to provide an overview of the CFT and to share our thoughts on developing a compelling topic submission. We will discuss general MMEC updates and status of the last Call for Projects (CFP), provide an overview of our planned infrastructure investments, MMEC Steering Committee updates, and “No Excuse” technology roadmap. Additional break-out and ideation sessions for the specific topic areas will be held the following week on July 1, 2, and 3, schedule to be announced.


Program Name: Microelectronics Commons Call for Topics (CFT)

MMEC Member Meeting: June 27, 2024 (11am EST)

Ideation Sessions: July 2, and 3, 2024
(Click links below to register)

CLA: Tuesday, July 2nd 11am 

5G/6G: Tuesday, July 2nd 12pm 

EO/IR: Tuesday, July 2nd 2pm 

Secure Edge: Tuesday, July 2nd 3pm 

EW: Wednesday, July 3rd 11am 

Quantum: Wednesday, July 3rd 1pm

AI/Hardware: Wednesday, July 3rd 2pm 

Proposal Abstract Due Date to MMEC: July 18, 2024 (5pm EST)

Proposal Abstract Due Date to NSTXL: July 24, 2024 (12pm EST)

Download CFT Documents Submit an Abstract




As a MMEC member it is required that a, Mutual Nondisclosure Agreement (MNDA) MNDA between the MMEC and your organization and all project performers is in place BEFORE a project can be submitted to the government. The MMEC MNDA is available for download provided in the “DOWNLOAD MNDA” link below. Please review, sign the MNDA and upload to the link “UPLOAD NDA”.