The MMEC™ implements an equitable, innovative and impactful platform for Midwest representation as a leading hub of microelectronics innovation and technology transition for the DoD sponsored Microelectronics Commons Program. The MMEC™ aligns the world-class solid-state electronics research facilities, faculty, and manufacturing capacity present in the Midwest region with the DOD program goals of enabling impactful lab-to-fab transitions. Through aligning and investing in these capabilities, the MMEC™ implements key bridges across barriers throughout the microelectronics development lifecycle to capability transition. These bridges are amplified through collaboratively planned and integrated prototype demonstrations to accelerate scientific, technical, and mission impact of the MMEC™ partners on the national stage.



As a non-profit, member lead consortium, the MMEC™ engages broadly across industry, academia, and government stakeholders for the benefit of commercial and defense applications.


IP Philosophy

Our IP philosophy balances member trust and sustainable economics. Agreements govern relationships and collaborative work of the USG, MMEC, and consortium members at various stages of projects. Consortium members retain background IP and own the IP from projects unless MMEC™ asserts ownership at solicitation. The MMEC™ IP policy is:

  • Structured to be equitable and supportive of small businesses, academics and all consortium members
  • Provisioned to ensure IP is respected, valued, and shared in the best interest of all parties
  • Balanced between the needs of the government and industry at project start to enable transition / commercialization success
  • Utilized to ensure IP is baselined and use of IP use is traceable from lab-to-fab implementation
  • A resource to develop, maintain, and expand IP portfolios, support market success and sustainability of MMEC